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Terms and Conditions

1: Use of Service

By accepting and the terms and conditions, you acknowledge you have read and have understood the rules and terms of service.

2: Player Accounts

a) Account Ownership

When you create or accept new terms of conditions, you agree that the account you are logging into was in fact, created by you. In the case of a compromise, the account will be returned to its original owner. In all cases, the account owner is the person who created the account.

b) Account Activity

The only person permitted to log into your account is you. If you log into an account that was not created and/or does not belong to you, all rights you have to any item on that account are lost, including but not limited to retrieving an item off another account. If the item is in fact yours and on loan, you are not permitted to log into an account not owned by you to retrieve it, it must be done by the account owner.

c) Password

Users' passwords are encrypted using a one-way hash function, meaning no staff, Game Masters or even Administrators can read them. To validate passwords, the password you enter is encrypted in the same way and is compared against the encrypted password. Thus, your password cannot be leaked or decrypted.

Do not share your password with anyone under any circumstances whatsoever. If you suspect someone may know your password, change it immediately. Failure to do so will lose you all rights to any items traded or lost should the account be accessed by someone else.

d) Unauthorized Access

If a complaint is made about unauthorized access, the owner of the account will get the benefit of the doubt.

Any intentional access to an account not owned by you may result in, without limitation, any or all of the following:

  • removal of any or all non-premium items
  • remove of any or all zeny
  • temporary or permanent ban of any or all related accounts

The action taken will be decided by the administrator.

3: Forum Accounts

a) Forum Account Ownership

Upon creating your forum account, you are asked to specify your Midgard Chronicles username for two reasons:

  • To associate your forum account with your in-game identity, for the player referrals and account ownership purposes; and
  • To assist in the case of account recovery.

Your Midgard Chronicles username is not displayed to the public, and is only available to administrators for the purposes intended above.

b) Privacy

Your account information is kept safe, and will not be given to any third party under any circumstances, except in the case where it is required by law.

c) Conduct

The forum is a place for open discussion and is available for all users. If you are to create a topic, the topic must be related to the forum thread you are creating it in, and must either be:

  • a question about implementation/functionality; or
  • a comment regarding game mechanics (eg: "This skill is supposed to do ___ but does ___ instead"); or
  • in the Off-Topic section, where there are no restrictions on forum/post topic.

If you are to post reply to a topic, the reply must be relevant to either the original post, or a question related to it. It must not be to insult, belittle or demean someone else's opinion, simply because you don't agree with it. In the case of a disagreement, we expect you to discuss your point based on factual evidence, and not here-say or something that someone's sister's mother's cousin's twice-removed adopted niece's best friend, or any other form of second-hand information, unless it is relevant to the original question.

4: In-Game

a) Character Names

For each of your chosen characters, the name must not be deemed offensive, racist, derogatory or discriminatory. Character names must not include any obscene language. If you are in possession of a character which violates this rule, there will be a 'Rename' option available in game to rename your character. If you have not renamed the character after 31 October 2011 and log in the game, the character will be jailed indefinitely or deleted, along with all equipped & possessed items, at the discretion of an administrator or Game Master dealing with the situation.

b) In-Game Conduct

There are players in game of all ages, races and creeds, and everyone must play nicely and fairly to ensure that everyone gets along.

There is to be no use of obscene language, racism, sexism or other offensive language to be used in towns, excluding party & guild chat, in the form of (not limited to) public chat, main chat, chat titles or shop names.

c) Harassment

Harassment includes, but is not limited to, name-calling, insults directed at an individual or a group, spamming, rumor-mongering, peer-pressure or unwanted PM's. It also includes baiting people to provoke a highly emotional response - for example: "@main You're such a noob, Gate of Hell is for losers".

Harassment can be prevented in most cases by asking, or by blocking private messages (/ex nevelis, for example, will block private messages from 'nevelis', until your next login). Game Master time is a limited resource, and dealing with complaints about harassment will be ignored unless you have asked politely for the comments to stop, or have blocked private messages and the offender has changed characters and continues to harass you.

When to report harassment:

  • when someone has intentionally and directly offended you, regardless of you asking them to stop;
  • when someone logs into another character and continues to PM you - this is premeditated harassment;
  • if a player is speaking aloud (eg: in @main/@cc chat or public chat) of subjects including racism, sexism or anti-religion;
  • continued derogatory or offensive language

When NOT to report harassment:

  • when someone says something you don't like
  • when someone swears at you, after you have baited them
  • when someone offends you regarding a sensitive topic (including but not limited to the subject of sexism, racism or religion) that you started yourself
  • when you don't like someone and want to see them punished

d) Third-Party Tools, Illegal Modifications and Access Rights

There is to be under absolutely no circumstances, use of any third party tools or modifications which involve any or all of the following, without limitation:

  • Intercepts, analyzes or alters any network traffic, without express written consent from an administrator;
  • Attaches to or monitors the MC.exe process under any circumstances
  • Automated or manual modification of ANY game resources (excluding themes or background music);
  • Unauthorized access to the stage server (permission must be explicitly granted by an administrator);
  • Unauthorized access to the development server or bug tracker (with the exception of what is available to the public);
  • Using a third-party tool, including without limitation, auto-clickers, timers, scripts or schedulers to provide input into the game without direct player interaction (ie: clicking the mouse or pressing a keyboard button to directly invoke the intended action)

Any breach of 4a, 4b or 4c will result in jail time or temporary suspension of accounts. Repeat offenders face temporary or permanent suspension of accounts.


e) Events

Midgard Chronicles implements automated events which run at scheduled times, or once conditions in game are met (eg: night time/day time). All players are able to take part in these events, unless the event has prerequisites enforced by entry NPCs.

f) Event Registration

Unless a warp is provided, all events must be entered via their relevant entry NPC. This includes but is not limited to Devil Square or Endless Tower, where you must enter through the NPC. This is both for technical reasons (to make sure players are attached to the correct instance) and for fairness reasons (no free rides).

Incorrectly registering for an event without reporting it as a bug is grounds for jail time or temporary suspension.

g) Game Master Events

From time to time, Game Masters will run events, which may be NPC-driven, or original event ideas. These events have no set schedule, and are subject to GM availability and online player count. Choice of prize(s) are at the discretion of the GM holding the event.

h) Advertising of Other Servers

Advertising other servers damages the player population on the server. You are free to talk about other servers, as everyone has their right to free speech, as long as you are talking about previous history with other servers, or implementation/event ideas that could be contributed to MC, inspired by other servers.

Under no circumstances are you allowed to suggest, coax or bribe players into joining other servers. This applies to the forums as well, to both private messaging or open discussion.

i) Damaging Server Reputation

Any actions by yourself or an account under your control which cause harm to the public reputation or appearance of the server is grounds for permanent suspension, no exceptions.

j) Respecting Others Privacy

Game Masters are made to play the game. We do not believe in hiring external Game Masters - even though they may have fresh ideas, to become a Game Master on Midgard Chronicles requires advanced knowledge of the game, patience, people skills and most of all, a history on the server itself. This is so the game masters understand the players point of view, before making a judgment call.

GMs may choose to disclose or keep their identity a secret. Regardless of what they choose, it is up to them to disclose their identity, and not for others to do it for them. Revealing a Game Masters identity (with the exception of linking to a forum thread with them actually revealing themselves) is grounds for suspension, depending on the nature and severity of the breach will determine whether temporary or permanent suspension is necessary.

Personal details, such as names or email/postal addresses are for the owner of said details to disclose. Any attempt to obtain personal information via illicit or intentionally malicious means will result in permanent suspension from all Midgard Chronicles servers.

k) PVP, GVG and Duels

Player VS Player or Guild VS Guild competition should be kept to their respective maps, including all discussion about people's chosen tactics.

Dueling should not be done in locations that could obstruct facilities such as NPCs, shops, warps or chat windows. Additionally, any attempt to move, relocate, kill or interrupt a player not involved in the duel, including but not limited to using a skill to inflict damage, or casting Ice Wall, is grounds for jail time. Repeat offenders face suspension of a duration to be decided by the Game Master involved.

l) @main and @cc

@main is a feature to help new players ask for help, get familiar with the server or ask a question about a quest/aspect of the gameplay. You can opt out of receiving @main messages by typing @main off, and opt back in by typing @main on. Please keep the chat in @main specific to game-related queries or questions.

@cc is short for chit-chat, and is made for off-topic chat. You may opt in to the chit-chat channel by typing @cc on, and may opt out by typing @cc off.

@main and @cc will be disabled during GvG, except Mannheim.

m) Raffles

Occasionally we hold raffles to promote the server, and thank our players for participating in Midgard Chronicles. Prizes will be set per event.

Raffle tickets are earned by continuous play or frequent activity on the server, which is balanced the average, with highly active people's raffle count scaled down towards the average (the top 20% will be scaled down to the 80% mark), and inactive players raffles being removed (anyone below 10% of the threshold). If all people played the game for exactly the same intervals of time, then everyone has an equal chance. This is to give regular/active players a slight advantage over infrequent or inactive players.

The amount of raffle entries is limited to one character. If you have multiple accounts, we will take the account with the highest amount of raffle entries. If there is more than one player from your IP address, the highest of both players accounts will be taken into consideration. Only one account per person entering the raffle will be counted. Raffle entries are not added for people using @autotrade.

Upon winning the raffle, you have one week to claim your prize. If the prize isn't claimed, the draw will be redone, and a new winner will be selected. To claim your prize, you must provide full contact details and a physical postal address to an administrator - no PO Boxes are allowed. Your address will be kept until we have received your confirmation that you have received the goods, after which it will be removed completely from our system. Your address will not be released to any third party, except when we are permitted to by law.

n) Exploiting Bugs

If you discover a bug, you are required to report it at your earliest possible convenience, either by sending a @mail to an administrator, reporting on the public forums or letting an online GM know via the GM Assistant in all major cities.

Failure to report an exploitable bug, or continued abuse of a known exploit will result in temporary or permanent suspension of any or all related or unrelated accounts belonging to the offender.

o) Premium Items

To exchange your credits for premium items, visit the website at the premium item store. Items you select and purchase will be able to be claimed in game from the Donation Courier in Prontera (164,170).

If you wish to exchange the items, you can do so by talking to the GM assistant, and a Game Master will do it for you. Exchanging an item for another item will be at the cost of 2 credits, and transferring to another player will cost 1 credit.

Exchanges and trades cannot be done for items marked 'New' in the Premium item store.

5: Continued Acceptance & Breach of Agreement

a) Accepting This Agreement

In order to use the Midgard Chronicles service, you must agree to be bound by the terms and conditions set out in this document.

b) Ammendments to Terms and Conditions

From time to time, Terms and Conditions may be updated, with or without prior warning. In the case of a Terms and Conditions change, you will not be able to log in until you have accepted the terms and conditions on Midgard Chronicles' website at http://midgardchronicles.com/info/terms-and-conditions.

c) Any breach of the terms and conditions will be dealt with seriously, and will result in any or all of the following, depending on the nature of the breach, at the discretion of an administrator:

  • Removal of items
  • Removal of characters
  • Jail time
  • Temporary suspension
  • Permanent suspension
  • Removal of any or all related accounts